This is going to be less of an article and more of a PSA to have. In terms of dealing with the system’s police agencies in the US whether it be FBI or just your local police force arresting you on whatever it is important to keep all of this in mind.

Don’t talk to the Police:

Don’t ever say anything to the police, none of it will help you and in fact be used against you. We see this with our dear brother who is in prison currently, Brandon Russell, who is in prison due to him admitting to owning those explosives and admitted to being a part of the Atomwaffen Division and being its founder. If he hadn’t said anything he’d probably be a free man today though in his case he did so out of anxiety and stress due to 2 of his friends being dead and 1 being a traitor and FEDs taking advantage to crucify him due to the actual evidence on him being not the best and most of it on the words of a mentally ill ISIS sympathizer.

And now, we see Devon Arthurs trying to re-invent himself as an innocent guy who was trying to “stop the terror”.

Though that still doesn’t disregard his mistake on his part but it’s still a learning experience nonetheless for others. Just remember when you get picked up absolutely refuse to speak with the police besides saying that you want a lawyer and you won’t talk to them without one. Be sure to have a lawyer on hand by the way, as having a phone numbers and such. Ones that deal with Federal Laws are the most important considering that’s what you’d most likely be pinched on.

Police Interrogation Tactics:

IRA Greenbook Volumes 1 & 2

Though this details activities used by the British Gov’t against the IRA among other things like maintaining good OPSEC, it’s still a good read because many of the tactics the British Gov’t uses against dissidents are the same tactics used by the US gov’t considering if anyone tells you the police here in the US don’t use psychological and/or physical torture then they’re full of shit and should be ignored because it’s used plenty of times and very often. Though I find myself in contempt of people like Weev, his story of his arrest where they used sleep deprivation among other things to break him is something to take note of for sure.

Lawfare and Trumped Up Charges:

Don’t even need a link for this, as you know with any political group the system doesn’t like they will usually send the feds in to charge members on lots of charges in an attempt to make shit stick through fear tactics. We’ve seen this with groups like R.A.M. and individuals that are in organizations or just lone wolves. My advice to you is this. DON’T TAKE PLEA DEALS! I see in most cases these groups/individuals taking these plea deals because they see a federal prosecutor charging them with 50+ years worth of charges and the prosecutor tries to force a deal in with them. An example; “Well if you plead guilty then I’ll get it lowered to 10 years instead of 50+ years”. I see way too many people partaking in such things when in fact NONE of those charges would have stuck due to them just coming out of someone’s ass, it’s just the system taking advantage of you through fear. Don’t forget, they can legally lie to you, even if it does mean manipulating the odds in their favor.

Unless the evidence against you is such a landslide where there isn’t a chance in hell you’re getting a “not guilty” verdict then there is no need for bowing to the system and making a deal. Even with all this, when you get charged as a group in many cases then it’s important to stick together and refuse to work with the system in any matter because it’s also a tactic these prosecutors use by getting a weak link (usually a underage child) to think they’re going to jail forever and thus turning them into a witness against everyone else. Something of which can be avoided by not having dumb kids in your ingroups like these Alt Right groups do and are now paying for such a mistake. Don’t forget what the old Ironmarch materials said about big-tent organizations.

Refusal to Surrender and Submit:

If you end up in jail despite all of this as a Political Prisoner on false charges through a kangaroo court then the only way isn’t to submit and “be good” instead I take example from the IRA in Northern Ireland who they themselves were jailed on false charges, did they become good boys and suck up to the system? NO! They pissed and shit all over their cells, refuse to eat, refuse to wear prison clothes etc. The moment you give these people power over you is the moment you lose. Make it hard for these people to even hold you in a cage and keeping your soul and honor in the process.

Or… use the extra time that is provided to do your own work. Write, read books, make friends and connections. If you “hold your mud” (meaning, not being a snitch/rat in court), then you will make a lot of friends. This sort of thing gives you respect within the prison system.

It is to note that I am not a Lawyer nor am I a legal expert, I just know some very basic things and I want these tips to be shared considering most people don’t know most or any of this.

Below, we are providing an old National Alliance “rights card” that was widely distributed back when the organization was at its peak. Feel free to download and read it over, as it is very important:

National Alliance Rights Card


Author account used for those who do not wish to have a name attached to their work.

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