House Cleaning & Commemoration

 House Cleaning & Commemoration

What is it they call cleaning out your computer once it has gotten all full and overwhelmed with useless, outdated information? Well, no matter. What very little I know of computers and how to use them lets me know that unless this operation is performed now and then, the computer itself will become slower and slower in its performance.

Aside from the phenomenon of the flag being raised and lowered to half-mast about like laundry out to dry, practically at the drop of a hat, to where the action itself now has lost most of its original meaning, we have now a glut of “holidays” which need to be culled out in about the same fashion as one might clean out their computer for maximum performance.

We won’t even bother to discuss – as Commander Rockwell called him – Marxist Lucifer Coon or that Mexican, whoever the hell he was or is.

Rather, some of the oldies, some of the standards which have been around for a very long time but which have just about played all the way out with regard to any potency.

Labor Day is a good one to let go of and replace it with May Day as was done in NS Germany, after January 30th, 1933. May 1st or “Tag der Arbeit”. Memorial Day needs to be retired as well. Originally intended to commemorate the dead of the Civil War, it’s all played out now. Veterans Day, the same. Originally “Armistice Day” commemorating the dead of the First World War, or “The War to End All Wars”. Well, we know how that went. Only afterward was it altered to Veterans Day.

With regard to the millions of brave men who fought and died in the wars of this country from the Civil War to the present, we are aware that their sacrifices were worse than in vain: They were USED by our common racial enemy for his purpose of OVERTURNING and DESTROYING White order and White life, all in the name of so-called “freedom” and “democracy”. How much better for their memory if we now commemorate instead the salvation and resurrection of exactly what it was that they assumed they were fighting for.

We can keep dates such as Washington’s Birthday, Easter, The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Then there would be those to be added. But as this is the month of August, it is incumbent upon us to recall the deaths of two great American NS martyrs: George Lincoln Rockwell and Joseph Charles Tommasi. Rockwell, who died on August 25th, 1967, and Tommasi, who died on August 15th, 1975. Both shot down by cowardly assassins representing the reactionary side of the Movement itself. I would suggest using the date of August 25th for the both in much the same way as Presidents’ Day marks – or honors – the birthdates of both Washington and Lincoln.

(We would do well to remove also the likenesses of Roosevelt and Kennedy from the U.S. dime and half dollar, respectively, and replace them with likenesses of Rockwell and Tommasi.)

Traditionally we have some pretty good music to go along with our best holidays that is when you are able to catch it rendered minus any of the currently popular niggerization. Generally for this one has to reach way back into a very old collection of LPs but at least it is there, kept safe. By the exact same means then we propose to introduce along with our fresh and new holidays – the first of which is the one marking the deaths of the two heroes mentioned above – some of the very finest music that Western Civilization has to offer and, in this case, it is “I Had a Comrade” or, in the German language, “Ich hatt einen Kameraden”.

It frustrated me no end that I was unable to convert a magnificent rendition of this most excellent and solemn of anthems from LP and onto CD to be used in this website but such are the intricacies of technology in the hands of one who barely comprehends any of it. That version was a purely instrumental one while the one we are using now enjoys a vocal chorus, albeit in German language.

Well, why not? While we’re at changing things I think it would an outstanding idea to replace any “second language” in the United States from Spanish and to German. (The story goes that our official national language only missed being German by a single vote in the Continental Congress.)

A proper clean-up and a proper commemoration of the sort that could and would go a long way to reviving real MEANING to things in this country, things that people could really get into and be uplifted by.

At about mid-day on August 25th of any year in the future, all normal broadcasting would cease for the playing of “I Had a Comrade” and the entire population would come to a standstill and would know exactly what it was all about. In that day, in a cleaned-up and revivified America, the population of refreshed and rejuvenated Whites would know and understand that they owed their renewed condition of honor and greatness to these two martyred comrades – Rockwell and Tommasi.

AND… there’d be no goddamned “sales events” anywhere trying to capitalize on an occasion as solemn and sacred as this or any other holidays which we will have salvaged or introduced. Things are going to get SERIOUS and become REAL once more.

Naturally, there’d be ceremonies in Arlington, Virginia, on the 25th and in Los Angeles, California, on the 15th. Formations representing the political and the military, no silliness of any kind, ever.

There’d be other, newer holidays as well but this is the month of August – here and now – and that is what we’re dealing with.

I’m keeping this message short for a purpose.

We’ll now re-introduce “I Had a Comrade” as we institute a new, national holiday for a nation that is starving, dying for genuine TRUTH and MEANING. For your own edification, if you as yet do not fully know and understand the lives and the roles of Rockwell and Tommasi, I urge you to check out our website for this critical information so that you, too can be fully a part of this grand event in years and decades to come.

James Mason

James Mason, author of the infamous book SIEGE, was born on July 25, 1952. As a teenager, he became part of the American Nazi Party youth movement, and eventually graduating to full membership at 18 years of age (now known as the National Socialist White People's Party). Due to the leadership crisis that plagued the party, James Mason would eventually leave and begin his own political front known as the National Socialist Movement. After years of being an organizer and writer for the National Socialist Movement, the group would inevitably fall under the same conflict of leadership that George Lincoln Rockwell's party witnessed. James Mason would then go on to revive the National Socialist Liberation Front and their newsletter SIEGE, a revolutionary guerrilla operation originally founded by Joseph Tommasi. Once James Mason began to introduce rhetoric and support for Charles Manson, he would leave the NSLF under the care of Karl Hand and continue to write SIEGE material by himself sending the newsletter to readers all over the world. SIEGE soon caught the attention of Michael Moynihan who reached out to Mason, proposing that Mason should compile his newsletters into a large paperback book. From this the first pressing of SIEGE was printed and became an instant underground hit, not only with the National Socialist crowd, but also those within satanic circles, Charles Manson supporters, and other fringe elements in America. Now, in the 21st century, James Mason continues to write SIEGE articles for Siege Kultur. James Mason has released other books since the debut of SIEGE, dealing with Christian Identity, the Bible, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other subjects considered "superstitious" by most. James Mason to this day shatters these mysteries and uncompromisingly exposes the truth of what is not meant to be heard, what is kept from the access of all White people on this planet.