Spiritual Full Circle

 Spiritual Full Circle

archived from Siege Kultur

On the final “Day of the Martyr”, we have placed Jake, Andrew and Jeremy at the last so as to connect them in a spiritual circle with George Lincoln Rockwell.

For those unaware, Andrew and Jeremy were the two that were murdered by the traitor Devon Authurs. As for Jake, he ended his own life earlier on. The three of these individuals were not only loyal to the group Atomwaffen Division, but also personal friends to those within the organization. Despite the media’s lies surrounding this tragedy, and despite their attempts to profit off of their deaths, we know the truth. So not much more needs to be said in regards to that.

We will remember them as they were, and celebrate them for being uncompromisingly honorable and loyal.

Rest in Peace.
XXXVI. Continuity H.P. Lovecraft

There is in certain ancient things a trace

Of some dim essence—more than form or weight;

A tenuous aether, indeterminate,

Yet linked with all the laws of time and space.

A faint, veiled sign of continuities

That outward eyes can never quite descry;

Of locked dimensions harbouring years gone by,

And out of reach except for hidden keys.

It moves me most when slanting sunbeams glow

On old farm buildings set against a hill,

And paint with life the shapes which linger still

From centuries less a dream than this we know.

In that strange light I feel I am not far

From the fixt mass whose sides the ages are.


Andrew Oneschuk

Jeremy Himmelman


Author account used for those who do not wish to have a name attached to their work.