6 Million More

 6 Million More

We will resist

the temptations

of the flesh

and sustain

the moral order

by turning off

Jewish pornography

We will stand up

for our people

by opposing the

Jewish influenced

browning of America

we love our own kind

we’ll fight the entire way

We will pick up arms

if that’s what it takes

in this eternal struggle

of the Jew vs Aryan

to secure the existence

of our people

and a future for white children

You can incarcerate us

in your gulags

no justice for whitey

but the black sun

will surely rise again

All nations

eventually fall

and we’ve already


your precious temple


You Jews

haven’t changed

in centuries

according to

your own texts

and actions

109 times

you’ve faced expulsions

and counting

I keep hearing


the six million

as a justification

to your transgressions

And all I can

hope for

is six million


The time

is coming

Muh Fashy Bookshelf is a dissident who believes the first step towards victory is education. For his latest creative endeavors and activism go here: https://www.muhfashybookshelf.com/

Muh Fashy Bookshelf

Administrator & Owner of Muh Fashy Bookshelf https://www.muhfashybookshelf.com/ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/muh_fashy_bookshelf/

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