Wōđanaz, Othin, Wotan, Odin. As of late norse mythology has seen a great revival of interest. Between popular shows like Vikings and the rise of the alt-right moventarians, people have been grasping for this ancient white religion as a preservation of “tradition” and return to the ancient past. Particular interest has been given to Wōđanaz, the chief and most mysterious of the Germanic Gods. But can someone trapped in the fetters of movement orthodoxy really understand a being such as Wōđanaz?

Can a movement which consistently obscures it’s genuine positions in order to appeal to masses who hate it have anything in common with a God whom only the most elite of warriors dared to call their patron? Can anyone who seeks mass appeal truly hope to earn the attention of a Deity who is based in Royalty? And for whom the greatest of kings and warriors are lucky to serve as sword arms in The Coming Battle? Wōđanaz demands the cunning, the unique and the brave. He has nothing in common with cowardly movementarians who hide behind numbers and limit their action to an eternal enforcement of old social orthodoxies.

Wōđanaz by his very nature rejects the common view of what we as National Socialists must be if we are to follow him. Whereas the movement promotes a lock step submission to arbitrary rules and regulations, Wōđanaz regards no law in his quest for knowledge. He shows willingness to commit suicide (as seen in sacrificing himself to himself upon the world tree) rape (as in the story of Rinda) and to take the lives of men in their prime in order to fill his halls with warriors. (Germanic folk tale). From the outside, Wōđanaz seems to be a rather compunctionless deity who does whatever suits him. Certainly no movement lackey’s role model!

But if we look deeper, we see that the apparent chaotic nature of Wōđanaz gives way to deeper truth. Every action Wōđanaz takes is ultimately aimed at the final struggle for his people’s survival in Rägnarok. He hangs himself so that he may know the magic of the runes, he rapes Rinda so that her son will avenge Baldr in the final battle, and he fills Valhal with warriors in preparation for this epic struggle. The harsh decisions which Wōđanaz makes, all of his wandering and quest for knowledge ultimately serve as a preparation for the battle to ensure the survival and renewal of his (and our!) Race.

Rägnarok itself is a renewal through destruction, the mighty battle where the forces of Ayrandom, the Aesir. Engage in a holy battle against the forces of corruption. Through this battle most of the old gods themselves, representative of the old structure pass away. But through this death comes new life, Baldr returns and establishes a new and greater order on the remains of the old. A golden King to rule the world. Does this sound familiar?

Wōđanaz is not the God of the foot soldier, He is the God of the ecstatic warrior. Wōđanaz is not the God of the stay at home, He is the God of the wanderer. Wōđanaz is not the God of the lemming masses, He is the God of the Aristocratic elite. Wōđanaz is not the God of the movementarian who waves a sign, hoping to attract an army before he even thinks about serious action. He is the archetypal God of those who Embrace Universal Order. Who prepare for the end and take action to effect themselves and their own reality.

Wōđanaz serves as an archetype for the initiate of Universal Order to follow in the quest for Truth. Beginning with nothing, he cuts the head from his father (and what is more sacred to someone than family?) And produces Order from the Maelstrom. He takes what is dear and discards it in order to build from it something more tangible. He goes further to sacrifice even Himself to Himself. Dying to the world so that he may return with an even deeper knowledge, represented in the runes. Wōđanaz proves to value nothing more than the Truth. Echoed in the call of Universal Order to discard all lies and illusions and focus on what’s Real.

Universal Order asks of you to discard all that has been imposed on you, all of the illusions and lies. Trappings of orthodoxy thrust on you by dead mean and rotten systems of control. Wōđanaz guides you through these challenges, he has sacrificed his lies and illusions. He has trampled all semblance of constriction beneath him in his quest, and invites you to do the same in order to fulfill yours. To quote the great Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

“We shall have reached our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition, as education, and as human affection.”

Hail Wōđanaz!


Author account used for those who do not wish to have a name attached to their work.