On the DPRK

 On the DPRK

An issue many bring up about supporters of James Mason and of radical Fascist circles is that of our open support of the DPRK (North Korea) and it is often a point of contention for the more moderate among us. Having issues with the support of an apparent Communist country. So there needs to be an explanation on this topic. Why there even is support in the first place and more.

First, we must establish what the DPRK even is. How is its society structured? What are its beliefs? I could go on. Rather than having myself speak on the subject, I’d rather link you to a university level seminar going in exact detail on this matter by B.R. Myers. A Professor and Author from Pusan in South Korea. He gives an excellent explanation on this matter, explaining that the DPRK isn’t a Marxist-Leninist society but in fact a very racialized and outright copying of the Japanese Imperial system that was in practice during the Japanese Empire. The DPRK values ideas of Racial Purity, Traditional Korean Culture and more. I will link B.R. Myers’s seminar and I also suggest checking out the book section for “The Cleanest Race”, a book by him explaining this very subject in greater detail. As he will explain within the video, despite Korea being invaded and occupied by the Japanese Empire. The DPRK has more in common with the Japanese Empire and its societal structure than the USSR and Maoist China. I heavily recommend for those wishing to learn more to both watch the seminar and to read B.R. Myer’s book which can be found within the book section.

From these values that are demonstrated within DPRK society, we can see why the Jewish powers throughout the world seek its destruction. They lie about it. Claiming things akin to holocaust masturbation machine claims. Many of those who “defected” to the west openly admit that they themselves hate the DPRK for not accepting “Western Values” and “Being Backwards” due to the traditional and racial nature of DPRK society. They openly worship South Korea (a US puppet state and brothel nation for US troops where degeneracy and consumerism is worse than the other US occupied Asian country, Japan) as an example and wish for the DPRK to follow the same path. It’s disgusting really.

In this degenerate world we live in, it’s not hard to see why we support the DPRK. The last place on earth untouched by the filthy hands of our occupiers. Both East and West ZOG. Without its nuclear weapons and strong leader, the DPRK would go the way of other good nations. From Saddam’s Iraq to Idi Amin’s Uganda and other small nations who opposed the Jews in both the West and East. I can only hope they hold out long enough for this rotten system to collapse. We can all hope for such things although as we’ve seen from those within the system wants to see its destruction. They routinely want to “control” the DPRK. Demanding they denuclearize and thus not have the protection needed to keep our occupiers away. As Democratic 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said in his recent debate. He wants to “control” the DPRK. He wants to work with China to stack troops around it. Cut it off and starve its people and society until they conform with the Jews in charge or until they “denuclearize” so the US Military can invade and occupy the DPRK just as they did with Japan. 

This is why we give our support to the DPRK, they are truly the last unoccupied nation left to us sadly. Hopefully it stays that way but having this entire rotten world falling on top of such a small nation as the DPRK, well for most nations such as we saw with Iraq or Uganda, it’s only a matter of time before it caves in and collapses. That’s just the state of our world. 

Hail Victory and Hail the DPRK!

Nathan S. Thomason

California Dreamin'