Book of the Month

 Book of the Month

Hello and welcome to the start of a new series that we call “Book of the Month”. In this series, we’re going to be republishing this article once every month with a new book for reading. We at The American Futurist feel that reading is important and the promotion of it is of utmost importance. For if we are not well ideologically rounded then how can we convince others to our cause as effectively as possible? When you aren’t ideologically rounded, you can easily trip on your own words. Especially when discussing topics with someone of opposing beliefs. If you don’t know your own ideas and wants for the world well then why the hell should anyone adopt your beliefs? It’s really that simple. Anyways without further delay December’s Book of the Month is:

A Squire’s Trial

A Squire’s Trial is a short fiction book written by Alexander Slavros and Charles Chapel. The book itself simply being a medium in explaining the basics of Fascism. So simple that even a child could understand. We recommend this book since it is excellent for recruitment. I myself have more than often used this book to recruit many to our side. We may not be a mass movement but you still have to recruit people and build up numbers no matter what. We aren’t a secret social club here after all.

Simply click on the book cover for a free PDF of the book or better yet check it out on our library section along with the library of other books we have available.

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Happy Reading!

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