The Bitch & Moan Dept.

 The Bitch & Moan Dept.

Reviving an old series from James Mason’s newsletter. The Bitch & Moan Department has been revived for the first time in 45 years. That being when James Mason started it in 1976 as a way to re-publish all the hate mail he got even back then. So we here at The American Futurist decided to do the same. 

Our first inductee within the Bitch & Moan Dept. is none other than Ms. Holly Anderson of Kentucky. She writes to us as follows.

“Idc If you’re reading this and like “Trash”, This is hate speech and the fact that you are allowed to get away with harming and spreading hate and violence against minorities, the lgbtq+ community and non- white people is wrong.   You may think, “oh yeah blah blah blah Idc”, you should care because Nazis don’t belong in this world or anything. So I HOPE TO GOD that u get banned and your fucking useless, WHITE LIES  of a website. And as a fellow white person, All you guys do is feed off of hate. The definition of a Nazi is “HATE”. Because that’s all you guys spread. No wonder this world is so fucking shit. Fuck Hitler and your brainwashed white lies.  You should feel shame and I hope Karma hits you guys.”

Truly brilliant words from Ms. Anderson. It made us at The American Futurist think and contemplate on our ideological standings as it should you dear reader. She said it, hate is wrong. So if hate is wrong then racism is wrong. Therefore we can’t be racists anymore dear readers. We have been destroyed with fact & logic by Ms. Anderson. In all seriousness we here at The American Futurist responded in tune. 

“Thanks for the email Holly!

No, we are not going to remove our website. We here at The American Futurist are proud hateful Nazis. We also are followers of Charles Manson as well! It’s truly amazing stuff that you can read about in our library. One thing that keeps me proud is the fact that most of our user base are children! I enjoy recruiting children to the cause of hate and to follow Charles Manson! Looking at the email Holly, I assume you’re a teacher. We’re teachers too. Teachers of Hate. Teachers of Manson. I hope all the students in your school find our website the best! Hopefully we can educate all of them on the importance of Hatred. As James Mason said “All you need is hate!”.

Hail Hitler!

Thanks for the email. Have a hateful day!”

Mistakenly we thought that Ms. Anderson was a teacher due to her school email and that she as a teacher found our lovely website. We were wrong. It was actually a student email. Yes, Ms. Anderson has severe brain damage and is mentally retarded. She uses her student email with her full name to talk shit to Nazis on the internet. Real big brain hours here.

Ms. Anderson of course responded back brilliantly. 

“ummmmm im a teen bro lol and ok spread hate all you want, but it’s gonna get u killed and it’s a horrible way of living inbred nazi fucks. bye bye and FUCK TRUMP, BLACK LIVES MATTER, AND NO WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER. thank u”

Of course I myself being the big brained individual knows exactly who Ms. Anderson is. She’s either one of two things. A entitled white girl brat hopped up on pop culture politics brain rot and hates her own race or she’s a half negro mulatto that’s basically just the same thing as the entitled white girl brat but happens to have darker skin so she feels she needs to hate white people as much as possible despite living in a white suburban area and probably has a white boyfriend. I’m betting on the latter here although it doesn’t make much of a difference either way.

All and all I feel our user base should be thanking Ms. Anderson for the wonderful email exchange and entertainment! Absolutely wonderful! We know that our staff has been enjoying it massively. We should also thank her for having us revive a series that hasn’t been in action for 45 years!

Expect more of the Bitch & Moan Dept. to come!

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

Texas Pete

Texan Master Race