The American Futurist Now Accepts Monero

 The American Futurist Now Accepts Monero

As an announcement. The American Futurist has updated our donation page to now accept Monero as a cryptocurrency and after careful consideration by the staff, Monero will be the only cryptocurrency that will be acceptable for donation due to issues around potential OPSEC issues for both those donating and ourselves. So as a move we also choose to accept Monero which doesn’t have those issues and is designed as a privacy coin.

We’ve also included a guide for users on how to exactly buy and send us Monero with services such as ChangeNOW and other services which allows people to purchase Monero with a regular credit card and automatically sending that to your independent wallet to which we named a wallet service that allow you to have total control over your Monero and to which you can safely and securely use to donate to us.

Donations are not expected but are appreciated.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

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