Book of the Month

 Book of the Month

For our forth installment of Book of the Month for March we have decided to pick something special for our user base.The book we’ve picked is H. John Poole’s “Tactics of the Crescent Moon” a book that we believe has absolutely great value for our dear users.

Tactics of the Crescent Moon is a book covering the history Islamic Militant Insurgent Tactics going back to even the middle ages and how these tactics developed and how effective they truly are. This book is sold on all US Military bases as far as we’re aware and is on reading lists for the US Marine Corps. Especially those being deployed to areas where these tactics are in play. In general H. John Poole’s works are good in general. He’s well researched and knows what he’s talking about. We recommend it. Especially in purchasing his books which can all be found on Amazon.

To read a digital copy simply click on the book cover to read it for yourself. Better yet check out the Library for more books and information. Remember, knowledge is power!

Have a book that you want to be next month’s Book of the Month? Email us at [email protected] with the subject being “BOOK OF THE MONTH”.

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