Book of the Month

 Book of the Month

Welcome to April’s installment of Book of the Month! This month’s book is none other than The Manson File! A book that is crucial to understanding the thoughts and ideas of Charles Manson by Charles Manson himself.

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Why Charles Manson? Rest assured dear reader, reading this book can give you an understanding as why we even include him. Just as one might sound crazy for bringing up heroes such as Mussolini, Hitler or George Lincoln Rockwell to the general public. We’re aware that our Manson flare might raise some eyebrows to some less radical of our readership. Rest assured we recommend our dear readers who aren’t aware to consider with an open mind on these subjects. Since really just as we’ve heard about Hitler being this crazed madman who ordered the killings of a bunch of innocent people and did awful things by Jews and White Traitors only for it all to be false. Same applies to Manson as well. In fact pretty much the same false claims except on a smaller scale. So dear readers instead of reading our enemy’s account on Manson why not read Manson’s account on Manson and judge for yourself?

See this interview he did that wasn’t cut dishonestly by the media and wasn’t him screwing with the media to give you a teaser on what you’ll find in this book.

We’re not saying you have to like him or his ideas. You can still find them far out but at the same time dear reader we feel you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised to learn some new things. Happy reading!

To read a digital copy simply click on the book cover to read it for yourself. Better yet check out the Library for more books and information. Remember, knowledge is power!

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