The Nuclear Congress Transcripts: Keynote Address

 The Nuclear Congress Transcripts: Keynote Address

The following is the final part of a series that contains the scanned transcripts of the speeches done by James Mason at Atomwaffen Division’s Nuclear Congress in Las Vegas in 2019 released at his permission. Obviously due to this part containing certain persons names. Due to OPSEC concerns those names have been censored out of the transcripts. We hope you enjoyed this series and make good use of it. Hail Victory!

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James Mason

James Mason, author of the infamous book SIEGE, was born on July 25, 1952. As a teenager, he became part of the American Nazi Party youth movement, and eventually graduating to full membership at 18 years of age (now known as the National Socialist White People's Party). Due to the leadership crisis that plagued the party, James Mason would eventually leave and begin his own political front known as the National Socialist Movement. After years of being an organizer and writer for the National Socialist Movement, the group would inevitably fall under the same conflict of leadership that George Lincoln Rockwell's party witnessed. James Mason would then go on to revive the National Socialist Liberation Front and their newsletter SIEGE, a revolutionary guerrilla operation originally founded by Joseph Tommasi. Once James Mason began to introduce rhetoric and support for Charles Manson, he would leave the NSLF under the care of Karl Hand and continue to write SIEGE material by himself sending the newsletter to readers all over the world. SIEGE soon caught the attention of Michael Moynihan who reached out to Mason, proposing that Mason should compile his newsletters into a large paperback book. From this the first pressing of SIEGE was printed and became an instant underground hit, not only with the National Socialist crowd, but also those within satanic circles, Charles Manson supporters, and other fringe elements in America. Now, in the 21st century, James Mason continues to write SIEGE articles for Siege Kultur. James Mason has released other books since the debut of SIEGE, dealing with Christian Identity, the Bible, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other subjects considered "superstitious" by most. James Mason to this day shatters these mysteries and uncompromisingly exposes the truth of what is not meant to be heard, what is kept from the access of all White people on this planet.