Donate to The American Futurist

 Donate to The American Futurist

We here at The American Futurist feel the need to make a post further explaining on donations and the importance of them to this project and other projects in how they’ll be used.

The American Futurist is not in a need for money at all for its own survival. Currently it costs us roughly only $15 or so a month to run the site with all costs considered. For a site of 10,000 monthly individual readers. That’s pretty cheap and pretty sustainable. However this post isn’t really about that. What we want to focus on is on other projects as well as expanding on this one. Further donations to The American Futurist’s Monero Wallet would be used for site improvements, expanding to entirely self-hosting this site, fund the creation of a store for physical products such as Copies of Siege, T-Shirts and more as well as other projects beyond all of that. All of these things cost money to do. A lot of money in some cases.

This isn’t a post meant to shame our user base into giving us money at all. If you cannot or do not want to give a donation. You don’t have to and that is completely fine. We can operate just fine without it. However this post is simply meant to highlight that donations made to this site will be used to grow and improve the site and projects related to it. If that’s something you want to see. Then consider donating. Below we will include all the projects planned by The American Futurist in detail and the costs for them to be completely honest in what we’re doing and planning and what your donation would be used for in making. We have 10,000 readers for this publication. If everyone gave even just $1 then that’d put us at $10,000. Giving us plenty of funds to realize the projects below. Check them out and see if this projects and future projects are something worth donating to.

Possible Projects:

The American Futurist Store:

This project itself is pretty simple. It’d be an online store that sells products related to this site. Including things such as T-Shirts, Autographed Posters from James Mason and the most sought after product, physical copies of Siege by James Mason (with some copies also being autographed). There will be more products offered by the store as it progresses. The goal being a Nazi Amazon if you will. How the store would operate being pretty simple. Just your standard online store however the only currency accepted being Monero and Bitcoin. A mail-order store could be a possibility in the future as well.

This store is going to happen no matter what. We believe in this store as a way to fund projects even better than just having a donation link alone. It’s a fact that people are more willing to purchase something for something they want in return rather than just give away money. Nothing really wrong with that but that’s just how it is. In fact we believe in it so much that we’re trying to make this a possibility within the near future. Even borrowing the money needed just to start up the store. We’re certain this would be something of interest to our readers and beyond. Specifically the physical copies of Siege which when sold on Ebay can reach hundreds of dollars. Though we’re going to sell it at a normal and fair price that everyone can afford since we’re not greedy scalpers. Even though this project is going to happen whether we get donations for it or not. Donations lower the amount of money we have to go into debt with meaning further money for more projects and less borrowed money we have to pay back. So any money that can be used towards this would mean a lot and go a long way.

Cost: $2,000


A self-hosted site entirely hosted by us and controlled by us would mean us no longer having to deal with 3rd parties when it comes to hosting this site. Besides the benefits to us. It also allows us to start our own hosting service to give those within our community the ability to start up their own site without worry over being booted off knowing that their content is being hosted by those with similar beliefs to theirs. A lot of good can come from this. The cost of this project is varied and something we’re still researching into. So the number below is more of an estimate but could be lower or higher. We will know as we do more research and pursue this further than it just being a dream.

Cost: $3,000 +/-

News Website:

News of current events is a must in this day and age. Most news organizations for the past 100+ years have been owned by and operated by Jews and White Traitors. While those within the greater movement have started their own news websites. Such as The Daily Stormer or National Justice. Which offer a much moderate view than ourselves. With The Daily Stormer openly attacking anything Siege related with lies and disinfo like it has for the past couple years. We feel we need to have our own news site to outshine the rest. Rather than just having a site that just posts articles only like what TDS and NJ both do (though National Justice also does podcasts). We’d rather vary the news content. Besides articles we’d also have things such as news video clips, news streams, our own people on the ground at events interviewing people and monitoring the situation both live and recorded, in-house made documentaries and more. Instead of basing ourselves off of other movement related news sites.

A model for us would ironically be the Leftist news site known as Unicorn Riot. A Fascist version of this would be beyond good and something that’d go a long way in recruitment of more people onto our side as well as spreading the proper information to those already in to get a better rounding of their worldview in a way that makes it easier to understand. Rather than just relying on political essays alone. Making information easier to digest is always a good thing to do rather than over-complicating it. Having such a medium would also allow us to give support to movements, organizations and people worldwide more effectively. The modern Anti-Fascist Movement itself is actually built on these mediums. People know what’s up, they round their worldviews better and get proper resources. We don’t have this on our side. Nothing even close to it. It’s a must. Having this project self-hosted as well would also prevent anyone besides ourselves from taking it down. Meaning if there is ever a major nationwide push by NGOs, Federal Agencies and Anti-Fascist Activists and alike to shut us down. They’d be shit out of luck and will have to go kick rocks.

The cost on this is completely unknown but obviously this will require things like cameras, microphones, good editing software and alike. But it is a dream project to consider.

Cost: Unknown

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas and projects we here at The American Futurist have in store. In order to achieve big things, one must have big ideas. Even if an idea seems unbelievable at first, nothing is impossible if one is serious enough to commit to it, the struggle and has the resources he needs. As Alexander The Great once said “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”. For those willing to help us in these dreams of ours, we have our great thanks to you.

How to Donate:

Even though it is covered on our donation page how to donate. We will repeat ourselves again for the sake of this article.

In Conclusion:

We hope that our users enjoyed this piece and do consider donating to the site and for its projects. We do not require our users to donate nor do we shame those who do not. We simply hope that our readers see the vision that we do and out of their own kindness give us the funds needed to see these projects become reality to further the vision and our goals as a whole. We here at The American Futurist wish you all very well and thank those greatly who donate. Just from our growth as a whole has been nothing but surreal to us. That there are people out there willing to support our ideas and give us the time of day to read through our words as they do. To donate, see here.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

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