The American Futurist accepts Bitcoin again

 The American Futurist accepts Bitcoin again

Due to user complaints and our own internal decisions. We, The American Futurist, have decided to start accepting Bitcoin again. Which we haven’t done for several months. The reasoning being that Monero, while more secure and privacy oriented as Bitcoin, is just too much of a pain in the ass to use for some users understandably. Since exchanges for Monero either require you to spend over $100 to purchase or take 50% cuts even for low amounts. While we value the privacy of our users most of all. We also value the satisfaction of our users as well.

While we will continue to have a Monero address open for donations. We will also reopen our old Bitcoin donation address for users who do not wish to use Monero. We apologize for any previous frustrations for those wishing to donate but running into the difficulties that are related with Monero. As for the Bitcoin address, we will do our best to make it as secure as possible for our users who wish to donate through that method. Though we will still recommend using Monero if you wish to donate in cryptocurrency, we will not deny you the ability to donate in Bitcoin. In fact we will also allow Bitcoin payments to the soon-to-be online store for The American Futurist for purchasing items.

As added semi-related news, we will also be having a physical address available on this site for those wishing to send us physical currency of any kind. Whether it’s Euros, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars and more. It does not matter. So stay tuned for that. In fact we estimate by the end of June 2021 we will have a physical donation address.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this or any other matter. Do not be afraid to email us, we will read it and we will answer as soon as we get it to the best of our ability. Thank you.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

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