James Mason Banned From Canada

 James Mason Banned From Canada

It’s official. James Mason is now banned by name as a terrorist entity from Canada. Meaning that James Mason cannot enter the nation of Canada for the rest of his life. What this means however is nothing. This is just pure virtue signalling by the Canadian Government. The same way both them and the UK banning Atomwaffen Division was just virtue signalling. Why? Because neither James Mason, Atomwaffen Division and alike has operated in Canada nor will operate in Canada. They know it themselves. In fact according to James Mason himself when we contacted him for comment, he stated he was banned back in 2009 anyways and that they can shove Canada up their ass.

The only real stipulation to this is that Canadians cannot contact James Mason while in Canada. Though to our knowledge the only Canadian in contact with him is Lindsay Souvannarath but she’s already serving a life sentence anyways so not much that can do to her such as giving her terrorist charges. So again this ruling by the Canadian Government is nothing and means nothing. It’s just something that the Liberal Party and Trudeau can point at and tell all the brain dead liberal voters in Canada on how they’re stopping the non-existent threat of a American Nazi take over of Canada.

“Counter-Terrorism” doesn’t counter terrorism or extremism. It does nothing. It’s a scam. As an extremist myself, all of these so called “Anti-Extremist/Terrorism” NGOs are just there to scam their governments out of money. How they do it is really simple. They just collect basic information about a group or person that literally anyone can do (more often than not get it wrong or make shit up like how they continue to claim that Atomwaffen Division was founded in 2015 on Ironmarch and not 2013 among Brandon Russell and his friends like Atomwaffen Division has officially stated multiple times) then take that information and resell it to the State Department or Department of Justice at a considerable mark up. This has been a racket since 9/11. Self-Declared “Experts” who don’t know a damn thing of what they’re talking about yet they get paid more for spewing bullshit for a month than I’ll see in a year.

In a way this to me is obviously in our favor. I’d rather have the system being advised by incompetent retards and scam artists than I would people who are competent. This is merely just an observation of the current state of “Counter-Terrorism” in the western world.

As a final message to the Governments looking to ban us. Bans won’t stop us. They just won’t. You can make all the government decrees you want and it’ll change nothing. The only way to actually stop extremism is to create a system that doesn’t result in the shitheap of a society we live in. Where suicides are through the roof, everyone who hasn’t killed themselves are on SSRIs to shut down their brain, Jobs aren’t fulfilling, Entitled Non-Whites go around sneering at us because they know how weak we’ve become and much more that would take an entire book to fill out. Of course this system will never be able to fix these problems ever. These are just symptoms of this system in decay. This system is already dead and we’re living in a rotting corpse. Just as you can’t revive a rotting corpse back to live. Similar you cannot reform this system. New life must take it’s place. New life being us. You can’t stop us, we’re an inevitability of the choices made going back 300 years ago.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

Texas Pete

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