JamesMasonVideos is Back

 JamesMasonVideos is Back

After many months of downtime, JamesMasonVideos is back. This time on Odysee. We’ve always had James Mason’s videos from bitchute archived in our archives though due to georestrictions from the host of those archives basically preventing Europeans from viewing it, that being archive.org, we at The American Futurist are working on a way to just host them on this site here in a way that won’t eat up the limited hosting space we have. We obviously won’t georestrict Europeans from viewing/download.

To view the new JamesMasonVideos Odysee Channel, Click Here

Obviously due to how Odysee works, hosting there costs money. Specifically you need to spend money to buy credits there in order to upload a video for example. Odysee has their own way of doing it through their own credit system where you can send JamesMasonVideos credits directly or spend credits to boost the already existing content to further audiences. Any support towards that would be much appreciated. This can all be done within the Odysee site itself. Though this isn’t mandatory nor expected but is appreciated greatly.

Any questions or concerns can be asked directly to us via our contact page.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

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