Book of the Month

 Book of the Month

Welcome to October’s Book of the Month! This month’s Book of the Month is “The Cleanest Race” by B.R. Myers. A book covering North Korea and how it’s society functions. Specifically surprising aspects such as it not being Leftist or Communist at all whatsoever but in fact a Racialist Society that celebrates Korean Racial Purity and Korean Culture and Tradition. A free PDF and a link to the Amazon of this book will be linked below as well as a seminar by B.R. Myers explaining in detail on North Korean society and it’s pro-racialist, pro-Korean stances. It was a revelation to us reading and studying into this work and I’m sure our readership would enjoy this as well or at least find it interesting. On top of this, it explains why the world hates North Korea so much and states similar claims they say against the Third Reich, which held similar values of Pro-Racialism, Celebrated German Culture and alike. Although North Korea has more in common with Imperial Japan (an ally of the Third Reich and held similar values) for clarification and they’re largely modeled off of Imperial Japan.

Link to the Amazon of this Book

Seminar by the Author:

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