The Futurist State: Second Edition

 The Futurist State: Second Edition

A Second Edition of my book The Futurist State has been completed. It’s pretty much the same as the First Edition except with some grammar corrections, images are added now and some passages have been rewritten to make the same exact point but more proper in how it was rewritten. Reasoning being is that some of them were too edgy in rhetoric and for someone who isn’t within certain circles they could miss the point I was making entirely. Which is not my goal whatsoever. But those are some of the criticisms I got and I found such criticisms valid so I corrected it. I don’t have an ego over my writings nor do I think I’m the next Hitler. So if I write something that you find could be better rewritten or that I’m wrong on something. Please bring it up to me. If it’s valid then I’ll fix it. I’m just trying to spread my ideas in the best possible manner.

To see the Second Edition click on the book cover below.

How this book has really popped off though has exceeded my expectations. Personally I felt that this book was just going to stay within my own social circles and that’s that. However I find that more and more people are reading it including journalistic outlets as well. Which is quite a good feeling of surprise really. Currently I’m working on Second Book right now which hopefully can be out by this Winter. The PDF will obviously be free and the book will be public domain just as this one is. Because fuck intellectual property, the most Jewish concept on Earth.

Hail Victory!

Tim Turtle