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The American Futurist Now Accepts Monero

As an announcement. The American Futurist has updated our donation page to now accept Monero as a cryptocurrency and after careful consideration by the staff, Monero will be the only cryptocurrency that will be acceptable for donation due to issues around potential OPSEC issues for both those donating and ourselves. So as a move we […]

Leon Czolgosz: The Anarchist Terror

When it comes to the tactics of direct action and radical solution we must always learn from History. Both for good and bad examples. Leon Czolgosz is prime example of a good example of such tactics. I felt I should share to the readership of this site due to the educational values of this example […]

National Socialist Order- Follow us on Telegram After having our telegram banned in a sweeping series of anti-white censorship, we are now back on telegram, and we are just as dedicated as ever to posting hard-hitting Pro-White propaganda. Follow us on telegram using the link provided, and spread our telegram to all interested parties. Heil Hitler! Hail the National Socialist Order!

The Bitch & Moan Dept.

Reviving an old series from James Mason’s newsletter. The Bitch & Moan Department has been revived for the first time in 45 years. That being when James Mason started it in 1976 as a way to re-publish all the hate mail he got even back then. So we here at The American Futurist decided to […]

Donate to The American Futurist

After repeated requests. We, The American Futurist, have finally opened up a donation page. Feel free to check it out and consider donating. Donations are not expected but always appreciated. What your donation will be used for will be listed on the donation page itself. Thank you for those who contribute. Our Donation Page Hail […]

Book of the Month

For the month of February and for the third installment of The Book of the Month. This month’s book is “Next Leap” by Alexander Slavros! Next Leap provides an excellent and modern in-detail analysis in regards to Fascist thinking and actions in brutal honest fashion and is all around a really underrated book. Simply click […]

The Insurgent

Something that I see too common within our own community is not knowing what the fuck they’re even doing and falling into the trap of LARPing and ineffectiveness and worse. So I’ll be clear myself on what I even mean by this. We within the subcommunity of the global Fascist community, that being followers of […]

3D Printed Guns

As a sort of announcement at my own request. The American Futurist will be adding the coveted and feared 3D Printed Firearm to its information collection available at the Library (3rd to bottom section). As a result as well, we will be accepting non-book items and materials for the Library as long as it meets […]

The New War On Terror

As the situation in regards to the current political climate within the United States seems to escalate as fallout from the Capitol Building Siege continues. One theme has popped up again and again. We are entering a new “War on Terror”. This time however the target isn’t far away Islamic Fundamentalists. It’s us. The Joe […]

In Response To Recent Events…

As many of our readers are aware. On January 6th, 2021 there was quite the event in Washington, DC. Thousands of Trump supporters went to protest the soon-to-be President Joe Biden for what they felt was a rigged election against the current President Donald Trump. Not long after the protest began, Trump Supporters stormed the […]