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On F.T. Marinetti

A topic that I feel should be addressed is on the topic of the man who founded Italian Futurism, that being F.T. Marinetti. Thanks to this project, The American Futurist, F.T. Marinetti is regaining some interest from people again. People are looking into his old writings once more. Even digging up writings that have never […]

When is Kalki’s Return?

Those of us following the Yuga Cycle estimate that the Kali Yuga or Iron Age will end about the year 2025, bringing about a 300-year transitional period. Kalki, the last man “against time”, of a divine balance of lightning and sun, returns during this period as the greatest destroyer and savior to lead us into […]


While most of the movies produced by Hollywood are utter shit and ripe with all sorts of degeneracy, every so often a quality movie slips through. The movie that I am talking about is called “Taps” from 1981. Without spoiling the plot of the film, I want to touch on the major theme that is […]


Since its inception the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been a country of intrigue and mystique, something that few understand, yet nevertheless something that exudes a sort of stoic power in the face of the world’s aggression towards it. The DPRK for a long time has been a pinnacle of defiance in the […]

The Futurist State: Second Edition

A Second Edition of my book The Futurist State has been completed. It’s pretty much the same as the First Edition except with some grammar corrections, images are added now and some passages have been rewritten to make the same exact point but more proper in how it was rewritten. Reasoning being is that some […]

Support Ian Cranston!

Ian Cranston is now in jail facing charges of second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree assault, and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon in Oregon. This case is important for a number of reasons, but let’s begin with what we know so far. From what we know and can see in this video: Ian, […]

Follow The American Futurist on Gab

Reminder to our readers to follow us on Gab. Our Gab account is used to share updates on the site, a source for information during possible downtime, announcements on new articles, linking news articles written about us and more. If this sounds good to you then follow us on Gab. Find our Gab Account here […]

John Wilkes Booth: A Hero

Often do I see people within the movement give credit to Abraham Lincoln. How “good” he was. How “The Jews killed him because of X reason!” and more. The truth is that Abraham Lincoln deserved the bullet in his skull from John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln himself was an open leftist and pen pals with Karl […]

Book of the Month

Welcome to October’s Book of the Month! This month’s Book of the Month is “The Cleanest Race” by B.R. Myers. A book covering North Korea and how it’s society functions. Specifically surprising aspects such as it not being Leftist or Communist at all whatsoever but in fact a Racialist Society that celebrates Korean Racial Purity […]

Support The Aryan Freedom Network!

Just as a statement from The American Futurist, we ask our readers to support The Aryan Freedom Network and visit their website The AFN have been good friends to us and have helped us out in more ways than one and we’re personal friends with those who run AFN. Currently right now they’re doing […]