XMR Address:

What will my donation be used for?

Donations will be used for site maintenance and upkeep as a first. Anything that is surplus will be used towards other projects such as starting up a store, buying better production equipment for JamesMasonVideos and alike. We all have our own careers that pays our living costs already so none of the donation money will be used for petty personal purposes. We don’t do this as a form of making money. To us this is simply volunteer political work. Donating isn’t expected and we will not shame you for not donating to us. This is just an avenue for people who want to support our project financially to do so as we’ve been receiving repeated requests on questions of donation.

How do I buy and send Monero?

It’s simple. Just go to ChangeNOW and select the Visa/Mastercard option which should lead you to here. If you don’t feel comfortable using a card (even a prepaid card) then there is the option of Local Monero which allows you to purchase Monero through cash in the mail. However there are a multitude of other options as well including exchanging other cyptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for Monero. After you’ve somehow gotten your Monero send that to your wallet which can be selected from places such as Exodus (which can also be used to exchange other crypto for Monero). Don’t use wallets that aren’t an application on your computer that you’re fully in control of. Only send us from ones that you independently run and cannot get permanently banned and alike on like the one that we’ve recommended. If you have any questions just email us and we’ll answer to the best of our ability. Thank you.


Will you have a PO Box where I can send you physical currency?
Soon, currently we’re working on just that. Obviously giving out a physical address to which our enemies can sit and wait for us to be at isn’t the best thing OPSEC wise so we’re figuring something out.

Why do you only use Monero as the only accepted cryptocurrency?
Sorry but due to privacy concerns around non-Monero coins, including Bitcoin, we’ve decided to stop accepting Bitcoin and will not accept other altcoins except Monero as a form of donation both for the safety of our users and ourselves. So at this time we’re just going to have a Monero donation address currently and a PO Box donation address as well when the time comes. That’s going to be it.

Donation Problems or Questions?:

Contact us at [email protected] with “DONATION INQUIRY” as the subject.