Submit Media

Rules for Submission

1. We will not publish your work unless it aligns with our worldview. That of course being a Fascist one.

2. When sending us written material they must be in DOCX form. Please do not write it in the email.

3. When emailing us be sure to put “MEDIA SUBMISSION” in the email title.

4. Only send us one and ONLY ONE email. Submitting multiple times will not get your media published fast, it will only get your work rejected.

5. The Media we accept will be as follows. Articles, Artwork, Music, Books, Video Games and alike.

6. Please include a pen name or real name to your work if you wish to be credited. Unnamed media will simply be put under the Anonymous authorship.

7. For those who haven’t submitted before and your name isn’t within our system. Please also include the picture you want for your profile picture for your author account. If you don’t then one will be selected for you.

8. Media submissions are not limited only to individuals. Organizations themselves can and are welcome to submit their own media. Of course as long as that organization’s interests align with our own. We also reserve the right to remove an organization’s advertisement at any time for any reason.

Email: [email protected]